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 Extreme walkies! Stormy is Too Cute!!

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Extreme walkies!  Stormy is Too Cute!! Empty
PostSubject: Extreme walkies! Stormy is Too Cute!!   Extreme walkies!  Stormy is Too Cute!! EmptyTue 31 Jul 2018, 3:33 pm

Extreme walkies! Stray dog called Stormy runs an entire half-marathon in two-and-a-half hours and BEATS half the field - and now the joggers he ran with want to adopt him.

A stray dog has spontaneously run an entire half-marathon and won the hearts of his competitors - many of whom now want to adopt him.

Crossbreed canine Stormy ran the 21km course of the Goldfields Pipeline Marathon in Kalgoorlie, outback Western Australia, on July 23.

He completed the dirt-track run in two-and-a-half hours, and was awarded a participation medal for his efforts.

Marathon volunteer coordinator Allison Hunter said Stormy had passed through each checkpoint along the course.

'This dog is walking around, making itself known to all the runners. We get the air horn out and say "go" and off he goes with everybody,' she told the ABC.

Stormy's time matched the average for the 97 human runners during the event.

'I suppose he would be middle to back of the pack, but he wasn't necessarily running in a straight line either.' race organiser Grant Wholey said.

Before Stormy's performance could be validated, he was taken to the pound by animal rangers.

Some of his fellow runners have asked if they can adopt him. Under council rules, animals are held for seven days to allow for owners to come forward.

'We are willing to get him out of the pound. We do want the best for him. He's the most amazing, loving dog you've ever seen,' Ms Hunter said.

She said the residents in the nearby Kurrawang Aboriginal community told her Stormy was well-known to locals.

Rangers said Stormy was popular with staff members and well behaved.

Stormy's marathon effort is set to be a one-off, as the finish area for the race is a pet-free zone.

Mr Wholey said Stormy is welcome to watch the race.

'I think they'll need a good solid lead for him or else he'll be off again.'
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Extreme walkies! Stormy is Too Cute!!
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