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 Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees

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PostSubject: Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees   Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees EmptyMon 25 Mar 2019, 7:49 am

Brutal callous gruesome Greeny controlled Labor will stick the boot into women retirees as the old white men controlling Labor take their sick revenge.

Save Australia from the worst fate possible at the crooked hands of the Extremist Greeny controlled Labor fiends.

March 19, 2019

Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees Elderly_2902836b

New analysis has shown that women will be more impacted than men by Labor’s retiree tax – yet another reason why Labor must scrap their grossly unfair policy.

From The Australian this morning:

“According to the Australian Taxation Office statistics from the 2017 financial year, women represent more than half of all Australians who rely on franking credit refunds for income — 480,000 female recipients compared to 367,000 males.

For those aged 40 to 49, the impact on women is the most disproportionate, with more than double the number of women compared with men — 57,000 to 28,000.”

“Labor talks a lot about gender equity and quotas, but their plan to slash the income of seniors has been exposed as clearly inequitable – it will hit women hardest,” National Director of Advance Australia Gerard Benedet said.

“Older women are often working part-time, they are the backbone of community organisations and charities, and they’re helping care for elderly parents as well as grandchildren in many cases.”

“Labor’s hit to women’s income will have a big impact across our community – and it puts both physical and mental strain on people who are already working so hard to support and care for others,” Mr Benedet said.

There is already an inequity when it comes to retirement incomes for women – with women retiring with an average of 47% less superannuation than men while living 5 years longer than men (Source: Women in Super, a national advocacy and networking group that works to improve women's retirement outcomes).

“It’s precisely because women retire with lower incomes that they will be hit hardest.  That’s because Labor’s tax hits those on low incomes the most – because it removes their franking credits. Those on higher retirement incomes who pay plenty of tax will continue to get the benefits of the tax credit. Proportionately that means more women will have their income reduced,” Mr Benedet said“Labor knows that there is already an inequity when it comes to women’s retirement incomes – yet their policy will to make it even worse?  And importantly, why aren’t Labor women standing up and demanding that this blatantly unfair policy be scrapped?”
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Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees Empty
PostSubject: Re: Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees   Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees EmptyMon 25 Mar 2019, 7:52 am

Sheer vicious brutality best sums up the Extremist greeny controlled Labor's plan to stivck the boot into retirees and pensioners.

No surprise there is a tsumani of sheer hatred building up ready to drown the hate filled old white men driving Socialist Labor.

Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees 34065409-2036088869765820-3125152645635899392-o
Labor will rob you blind and put you in the poor house!!!!!

February 25, 2019

There is a growing weight of evidence showing how grossly unfair Labor’s changes to franking credits are and how badly they will impact on our seniors.  In fact, there have been more than 1,000 submissions to the Parliamentary Enquiry so far and public hearings continue this week.

In case you missed it on the weekend, respected economist Robert Gottliebsen has outlined eight reasons why her believes the tax is unfair.

We added two more, to drive home the message.

Below is a brief summary:

It targets battlers.
It discriminates in favour of the rich.
It taxes people on the basis of who manages their money, not their actual assets or income.
Labor claim pensioners will be exempt, but have failed to admit that pensioners who join self-managed funds after the policy announcement date will in fact be hit.
Labor won’t call a tax a tax. Their plan increases the government’s tax revenue - it is clearly a tax.
It retrospectively taxes small businesses that have structured their finances so that their company has stored franking credits.
It retrospectively taxes retirees who planned for their retirement.
It changes a system that has been recommended by independent Reviews and has had bipartisan support for decades.
It favours industry Super funds over Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) creating a discriminator system for the first time in Australian history
It will force hundreds of thousands of retirees onto the pension.
It’s a pretty straightforward assessment.

However, we think that Mr Gottliebsen sums it up best when he writes:

“While I don’t consider myself rich, I have a level of wealth that means that, with normal diversified investments, I will not be affected by this tax. And all the people I know in a similar or higher wealth bracket are just laughing at the ALP’s proposed tax. It does not affect them.

But I know a lot of people who are not as well off and they will be crippled. It’s not fair.”
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Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees Empty
PostSubject: Re: Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees   Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees EmptyMon 25 Mar 2019, 7:53 am

Heavens!!! The GetUp! inspired Lefties are ganging up all chortling denials.

As the TRUTH comes out about Labor's plans to brutally attack and rob pensioners and retirees and small business the possibility of Fed Labor going the same way as the pathetic NSW Labor grows daily.

Now there is already rebellion against Labor's planned vicious Socialist Brutality directed against defenseless retirees and pensioners.

The White Hot HATRED directed at Labor is growing daily.

January 23, 2019

There’s new and clear evidence of the devastating impact that Labor’s policy to remove franking credits will have. A growing number of investment companies are moving now to downscale their shareholdings and pay early dividends to their investors.

These decisions are an attempt to lessen the effect of Labor’s policy and ensure investors on low incomes can retain some of their expected income. Sadly, it’s also a sign that the market expects a Labor election victory this year.

The Australian reported this morning:

In the last week the nation’s biggest listed investment company Australian Foundation Investment Co dumped $120 million worth of shares in BHP and Rio Tinto and paid an unscheduled dividend to beat the stripping of cash refunds for excess dividend imputation credits by an incoming ALP government.

It has been joined by other investment companies Mirrabooka and Amcil that have put dividends into the hands of its shareholders to ensure the franking credits are passed on before their value is greatly diminished by the ALP scheme.

In our submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry last year, Advance Australia warned: “It is an obvious and logical conclusion that this policy will result in significant behavioural changes.” We are now witnessing these significant changes even before the policy is implemented – which is testament to just how much this policy will hurt.

Investment companies are doing the right thing by their investors in attempting to maximise returns ahead of Labor’s tax changes.

As the Chief Executive of Mirrabooka, Mark Freeman, said:

“The feedback so far is if they (ALP) change the policy then it will take affect from July 1 this year, so if they get that through as policy then from July 1 you will no longer get a refund cheque and so if you put out the special dividend this financial year people will still be able to have that as part of their return and potentially a refundable credit,’’ Mr Freeman said.

“So get it (the dividend) to them now, that is a key component of this result, and we think this policy is very grossly unfair for investors and trying to shift the playing field in favour of managed funds over self-managed superannuation.

“We are feeling the potential pain of people if this rule comes in, and so let’s try to help them out now.’’

At Advance Australia we applaud this forward-thinking – anything that will help low and middle income retirees set to be whacked by this change is welcome.  Of course, the best way to ensure Labor’s unfair retiree tax is never implemented is to make sure Bill Shorten does not become Prime Minister.
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Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees Empty
PostSubject: Re: Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees   Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees Empty

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Grizzly Labor ATTACKING Women retirees
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