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 Drug rallies and pill testers...

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Drug rallies and pill testers... Empty
PostSubject: Drug rallies and pill testers...   Drug rallies and pill testers... EmptyThu 03 Jan 2019, 1:54 pm

Quote :
Why parenting can't be outsourced to a pill tester
By John Barilaro
3 January 2019 — 12:22pm

The job of parenting can seem an insurmountable challenge at times, as we help prepare our children and grandchildren to make important decisions for themselves.  The controversy over pill testing at music festivals has heated up following the fifth death in five months.

We don’t always get it right, but we understand there’s no bigger and more rewarding task.

It starts with that first tantrum (theirs not ours) and progresses to life lessons like crossing the road safely, being kind to others, respecting elders and developing a strong work ethic.

But none is more important than our words and actions around drugs and alcohol, and the consequences that follow from the decisions our children will one day have the freedom to make.

That’s why I couldn’t believe my ears last week when I heard the new opposition leader Michael Daley stating that NSW Labor would consider allowing the testing of drugs at music festivals.

As parents, we spend so much of our time trying to invest our values into our children and then what happens?

A politician like Mr Daley comes along, seeking to curry favour with inner-Sydney Greens’ supporters and effectively says "it’s OK to take drugs if they have been tested." Is that really the message you want to give your child or grandchild ?

That there are no dramatic consequences from taking illicit substances, because a Labor government will take responsibility for your decisions from this point.

Under NSW Labor, it’d be your taxpayer dollars spent funding a pill-testing regime designed to give your loved ones and their friends the green light to take an illicit substance at a music festival, but not anywhere else.

If we’re to tackle the scourge of drugs in our regional towns and cities, we need one consistent message.

NSW Labor’s plan is a slap in the face to our police who swear an allegiance to uphold the law, only to then turn a blind eye when a DJ and a light show engineer set up shop in a nearby field, with one of Michael Daley’s pill testers.

Our Premier Gladys Berejiklian is 100% correct. The focus has to be on the dealers who prey on our kids, rather than the state of NSW aiding their illicit trade by endorsing the product they’re pushing.

We agree with NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller who’s rejected the notion of pill testing as some "silver bullet".

There is no simple solution to the scourge of these drugs – it has to be a combination of education, good parenting, mental health services, better rehab facilities in our regions and getting tough on dealers.

Young people have always experimented, but how many others might be tempted to dabble in drugs if NSW Labor is telling them their pill is "safe" ? And is Michael Daley going to say to his kids, "drugs are OK if they’ve been tested" ?

He wants to be the next Premier of NSW, and yet his messaging on drugs is dangerous and ill-informed.

The choice at the March state election might be even more important than you first thought – it could be about a society of young people making informed life decisions understanding the rights, wrongs and consequences taught by us, or one that outsources those parenting responsibilities to some pill tester under NSW Labor.

John Barilaro is NSW Deputy Premier.

Well there's a simple way to cull the progressive stupidity out of Australia, let their children keep killing themselves by taking drugs.  If parents haven't instilled good morals and values into a child by 6 there is no turning back, what they have by then will control all their future actions.  Children must be TOLD what is right and wrong.  They are not mature or experienced enough to work it out themselves and if they have no moral code, no values and no commonsense by the time they reach their teens then they or others will pay the price, and it could be very steep.
It is not up to governments to police every thought and behaviour.  It is up to parents to lead the way.
Perhaps we should demand these drug rallies be banned, because they are not just concerts.
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Drug rallies and pill testers...
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