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 Labor's election losing insanity

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Labor's election losing insanity Empty
PostSubject: Labor's election losing insanity   Labor's election losing insanity EmptyFri 23 Nov 2018, 12:54 pm

Stupid Labor is skating on thin ice with their idiotic Energy garbage which is basically a phony that CANNOT supply the huge energy that coal has been supplying for the last 100 years or so.

There is just not enough suitable land to build the many many many thousands of wind+solar farms and is therefore a dead end!!!

Advance Australia Good Guys are panicking slimy GetUp! who don't seem to understand that Coal (or nuclear or hydro) is the main, primary base load power.

Secondary Wind and solar power CANNOT provide this. If we only had wind and solar, homes and businesses would only have power 30% of the time and never enough power to run industries.

Coal is NOT the back up Secondary power.

Industry needs a constant supply and is therefore an ideal load for Primary coal or nuclear or hydro generators.

And the dangerous potential fire bomb lithium batteries Labor wants to expose homes to is basically too small to be of any use and it rockets the cost of home insurance because of the huge fire risk.

Labor charges its energy policy with household battery installations
Samantha Maiden 12:02am, Nov 22, 2018 Updated: 2h ago

Labor's election losing insanity File-20180628-117389-1hlh6ip
Silly Little Shorty doing his bull frog thing to make himself look bigger.

Bill Shorten will announce a plan to slash power bills by up to 60 per cent by establishing a national target of one million household battery installations by 2025.

The Labor leader will unveil his energy plan on Thursday, which keeps the Turnbull government’s National Energy Guarantee policy but with a higher emissions reduction target.

The Household Battery Program will offer a $2000 rebate for 100,000 households on incomes of less than $180,000 per year to purchase and install battery systems, as well as low-cost loans for households.

“Real savings of hundreds, potentially even thousands, of dollars a year, every year,” Mr Shorten said.

In a speech to be delivered in Sydney, Mr Shorten will also offer “bipartisanship” on the existing NEG legislation that has split the Liberal Party.

The strategy is two pronged: Embarrass the Morrison government over its failure to achieve reform and highlight the party’s internal division by offering to support its own policy and buy insurance to get the Liberals to vote for the NEG and an energy policy after the election if Labor needs their votes in the Senate.

“Frankly, the single most important thing about energy and climate policy right now is to have one,” Mr Shorten said.

“The current treasurer designed the NEG framework. The current prime minister was one of its most forceful advocates.

“The Parliament could debate and vote on this before Christmas, if the Liberals were so inclined. But let’s be clear: We will work with the Coalition, but we will not wait for them. 

“If I’m elected prime minister, I will not sit around and wait for the Liberals and Nationals to stop arguing about whether climate change is real.”

According to the independent Parliamentary Budget Office the battery plan will cost $215 million over the forward estimates – the four years from 2020.

The ALP predicts this will triple the number of battery systems in Australian households and help manufacturers bring down costs.

Labor cites Smart Energy Council estimates that new household solar and batteries would allow most homes to save more than 60 per cent off their power bills.

Mr Shorten will also announce a $100 million in a Neighbourhood Renewables Program to ensure renters and social housing residents don’t miss out from the savings.

“We will establish community power hubs to support the development of renewables projects in local communities, such as solar gardens on apartment rooftops, community wind farms, energy-efficiency upgrades for social housing, and grants for community groups to pilot new projects,’’ he said.

Labor retains its policy of aiming to deliver 50 per cent of power from renewables by 2030, keep power prices lower, and create thousands of jobs in the renewables industry.

That target is set to form the basis of the Morrison government’s fightback, with conservatives ready to rumble over concerns the 50 per cent renewables target is too high.
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Labor's election losing insanity Empty
PostSubject: Re: Labor's election losing insanity   Labor's election losing insanity EmptyFri 23 Nov 2018, 12:59 pm

Stupid Greeny led by the snout Shorty's ridiculous energy disaster is already collapsing around his flapping ears.  What a drongo!!!

ScoMo the Shorty killer is already wiping the floor with him.

Labor's loony Energy "policy" is insanity on steroids.

Labor's election losing insanity Energy_biogas_station_en
Loony Labor's blackout energy policy

Morrison dashes business hopes on energy
Updated 1 hour ago

Labor's pledge to put the coalition's dumped energy policy on the table for bipartisan support has pleased business groups craving investment certainty.

Scott Morrison has dashed the hopes of Australian businesses crying out for bipartisan support on energy policy.

Business leaders were briefly optimistic about ending the decade-long climate wars in Australia when Labor announced would revive the coalition's dumped National Energy Guarantee.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Business Council of Australia are both eager for a solution to the nation's energy woes.

"We have consistently called on all sides of the political divide to support the NEG to end the policy paralysis that has stalled much needed investment," BCA chief Jennifer Westacott said.

However, the prime minister is refusing to back Labor's plan.

When asked why he would not support the NEG, given he had consistently argued for months it would lower power prices, Mr Morrison deflected to the opposition's plans for household batteries.

He likened the idea to Kevin Rudd's disastrous insulation scheme.

"What happened last time we let the Labor Party come and put something in your house," Mr Morrison told Nine Network.

"I mean, roofs burnt down for goodness sake. They've learnt nothing, absolutely nothing."

The prime minister said the NEG would lower power prices with a carbon emission reduction target of 26 per cent - not the 45 per cent target proposed by Labor.

"A 45 per cent target is reckless, it will shut down industries all around the country," Mr Morrison said.

Under Labor's plan, subsidies of up to $2000 would be given to 100,000 households to install batteries to link their solar panels, which cost about $10,000 each.

Mr Morrison pointed out high-end Tesla batteries cost more than $20,000.

"I mean, what families in Australia on the incomes they're talking about have a lazy $20,000 hanging around to go and put these things in?"

Labor would also invest $15 billion in energy transmission and generation if it wins the next federal election.

Meanwhile, the coalition has angered the business community with its plans to force energy retailers to sell off assets and restructure their companies if it is deemed in the public interest.

The Business Council of Australia has warned the "ad hoc and extreme" divestiture powers would exacerbate sovereign risk, interfere with market outcomes and discourage investment.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has dismissed their warnings.

"Obviously there's always a level of vested interest in the context of these sorts of debates," he told Sky News.

"This is not something we would want to pursue - it is a matter of last resort - but when it is all said and done, we are on the side of consumers and business when it comes to electricity prices."
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Labor's election losing insanity Empty
PostSubject: Re: Labor's election losing insanity   Labor's election losing insanity EmptyFri 23 Nov 2018, 1:16 pm

Labor’s energy policy is the Reintroduction of the Carbon Tax.

Will use Taxpayer subsidies to implement & Borrowing Billions from overseas
A Double Tax Hit for Aussie Battlers in our country with the most resources on the planet & the Highest Power Bills
Fairdinkum Go Figure !!

The transition to a 3rd gen Energy model requires a plan, and for that plan to be implemented in a coherent disciplined way. Labor has no plan, no coherence and no discipline. Just an idea about subsidised batteries paid for by a carbon tax that will push up living costs.

Labor's record on Climate Change policy:
Green Loans scheme, dumped …
Carbon Tax, dumped.
Cash for Clunkers, dumped.
Pink Batts, deaths and dumped.
What could possibly go wrong?

And Labor along with the weirdo Greens want to bring the Carbon Tax back!

Climate Change Science is a vehicle for carbon tax credits & various other government-backed sanctions to prevent small/med businesses from challenging multi-national companies.

It’s meant to deindustrialize the west in favor of cheap labor where there is little environmental.
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Labor's election losing insanity Empty
PostSubject: Re: Labor's election losing insanity   Labor's election losing insanity EmptyFri 23 Nov 2018, 10:28 pm

Lithium batteries eh...  wow a whole $2000 dollars off gee I wonder how many thousands that leaves them to find to buy one and have it installed.
Aren't they fire hazards...  so extra insurance costs then eh.
When the batteries die what happens to them and the toxic waste?  landfill?

Go Billy Boy, I hope all this shyte shoots you down and wakes you and your party of LW Prog loonies up.

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Labor's election losing insanity Empty
PostSubject: Re: Labor's election losing insanity   Labor's election losing insanity EmptySat 24 Nov 2018, 6:27 am

Labor's election losing insanity Solar_10
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Labor's election losing insanity Empty
PostSubject: Re: Labor's election losing insanity   Labor's election losing insanity Empty

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Labor's election losing insanity
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