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 What really happened at Wentworth

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What really happened at Wentworth Empty
PostSubject: What really happened at Wentworth   What really happened at Wentworth EmptyFri 02 Nov 2018, 6:35 am

Now Larry explains what really happened at Wentworth where Labor Socialists were stuffed into the garbage can.

Sharma received about 40% of the primary vote and Phelps about 27%. No other candidate from amongst all the 16 candidates who nominated for the election came anywhere near Sharma in primary votes from all the 75.1% of the electors who bothered to vote. Time to change the system and stop bleating about preferential voting.

Why do we accept preferential voting? If you look at the AEC reports on votes counted, Sharma received 31,623 votes and Phelps 21,322 "first preference".
Wentworth (NSW)

LARRY PICKERING Sun 21 Oct 2018 10:59:09 am/2412 COMMENTS

What really happened at Wentworth Faggots
Mr and Mrs Phelps

Sky News’ pundits, radio and Press are still reciting “disunity is death” while they pore over Wentworth’s entrails. Well, I used to live in Wentworth, and I can tell you Saturday’s result had nothing to do with “disunity”.

My circle of friends included barristers, judges, pollsters, politicians and a range of Oxford Street’s sexually confused Greens. The Wentworth electorate was a perfect fit for Malcolm Turnbull, and he held it with large margins.

Those margins have now disappeared, not because the citizens of Wentworth adored Turnbull… he was a totally unadorable bore, but because the electorate is, and always has been, at least for the past half century, thoroughly Left, Labor, Green… which is exactly what Turnbull has always been himself.

Anyone supporting the homosexual lifestyle and the UN’s global warming hoax while vilifying basic Liberal principles, was a walk up start to win Wentworth.

What really happened at Wentworth 8fc10455afd6b0e6a1805fc76c4e87e4a7b60db2

Turnbull knew full well that Sharma could never fit the bill in Wentworth, he simply wasn’t Left enough. He was a straight family man!

What really happened at Wentworth 6b94fe79bcffab7618d14dd026f94baed64411bc

But I’ll tell you who did fit the bill!… Yep, former leader, John Hewson (above) held Wentworth (from 87 to 95). He is yet another useless, true, red, Green Labor, warmist lawyer arsehole, pretending to hold a blue ribbon Liberal seat while imploring voters not to vote Liberal.

What really happened at Wentworth E7bf1deb6f063cb50460f1f3a95fa201483841dd

It has changed around Sydney with electorates like Kingsford Smith, Zimmerman’s gay North Sydney (above) and even Warringah now at risk. The Libs can now win seats in the far west, like Lindsay.

The Libs need to alter course because being rich in the inner suburbs is no longer synonymous with voting Liberal.

Being rich means you don’t give a stuff about power prices.

What really happened at Wentworth Dad0eff3193601f1e11489094d8c682ffae49a35

Being rich means worrying about what wine to take to the next dinner party, because every dinner party will include homosexuals who appreciate bouquets while looking for multiple new partners, attendees from the mentally-deficient global warming mob, a sprinkling of dumb GPs, Trump haters, and the consistently far Left judiciary.

What really happened at Wentworth 6741a95e82d34a1330f045527162ff6dfd7a5376

No surprises! Take Turnbull out of Wentworth and you only had the far Left Phelps left. At least Labor understood that and didn’t waste money competing.

Geographic demographics are not what they were, and as usual, "true" Libs are the last to wake up to it.
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What really happened at Wentworth Empty
PostSubject: Re: What really happened at Wentworth   What really happened at Wentworth EmptyFri 02 Nov 2018, 5:02 pm

Even though the LW Progs rule in Wentworth now they still can only do it through preferences.  There are enough well to do LW Progs that don't want Labor to tax them more.
The next election may reveal a different result.
Sharma had almost twice the primary votes of Phelps.
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What really happened at Wentworth
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