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 Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC

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Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC Empty
PostSubject: Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC   Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC EmptyTue 25 Sep 2018, 7:44 am

Mrs Guthrie is no more at the ABC.

What is of REAL interest is who will replace her ? Will he/she be NORMAL or a MARXIST SOCIALIST LEFTY ?

The rot started when Tony Abbott froze the ABC funding and Mrs Guthrie did not complain bitterly and from then on the ABC staff HATED her.  And the Gillard Lefty Plants LOATHED her.

Michelle Guthrie: The inside story behind her sacking
By Jennifer Duke, Broede Carmody & Michael Koziol 24 September 2018 — 6:52pm

When Michelle Guthrie bumped into Malcolm Turnbull before last year’s AFL grand final in Melbourne, a friendly chat about football wasn't on the agenda.

A former Google and Foxtel executive, Guthrie had been managing director of the ABC for just over 12 months and was in midst of restructuring the public broadcaster’s digital strategy. At an official AFL lunch ahead of the premiership decider between Richmond and Adelaide, the then prime minister started the encounter by complimenting Guthrie on some of the changes she had started to make.

Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC 6772a59cdb8c2bd6b80c35e7b7eb1f2b
ABC chairman Justin Milne with then-managing director Michelle Guthrie

[highlight]But the conversation soon took a turn for the worse. Turnbull, who was communications minister before ousting Tony Abbott to become prime minister, complained about the 7.30’s chief political correspondent Andrew Probyn. A source familiar with the conversation said Turnbull accused Probyn of "anti-government" bias.

Like many media executives who find themselves facing a high-level government complaint, Guthrie did her best to give a non-committal reply. But Turnbull is believed to have been particularly angry when, three months later in December 2017, Probyn was promoted to political editor for ABC News.[/highlight]

Running the ABC is one of the most challenging jobs in Australian media, as this pre-match interaction demonstrates. The managing director must juggle a range of deeply interested parties ranging from the government, the board, viewers, employees and the Murdoch press. At any point in time a person in Guthrie’s position could expect the majority of these stakeholders to be hostile.

This challenge proved too much for Michelle Lee Guthrie. Months out from a federal election and halfway through her five-year tenure, the 52-year-old was sacked by ABC chairman Justin Milne, who said in an interview on ABC’s news channel on Monday that he didn’t want to go into the "ins and outs" of the decision yet questioned her “leadership style” and criticised her political relationships in Canberra.

Nor will Guthrie be missed by many ABC staff. Veteran radio broadcaster Phillip Adams brutally dismissed her as a charmless and absent manager who had trashed staff morale and infected the ABC with "managerial nonsense".

Read the full story here
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Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC   Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC EmptyTue 25 Sep 2018, 8:44 am

The ABC employees seem to forget that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS, paid for by the Australian Taxpayer.  The Government should cut the ABC's funding and close some of its regional centres. With the Internet, people in the bush have plenty of ways to see The News.
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Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC   Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC EmptyTue 25 Sep 2018, 11:29 am

The government should sack the board and put a broom through the organisation to weed out the rabid lefties that think they can use it for supporting their side of politics and attacking the other.
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Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC   Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC EmptyWed 26 Sep 2018, 7:50 am


Chris Kenny ask readers to “imagine if you had been stranded on an island for the past few years with nothing to watch, listen to or read from but Australia’s public broadcaster”:

   You would be under the false apprehension that our navy tortured asylum-seekers who were then raped on Nauru. You would think the people-smuggling trade was impossible to stop and that if boats were turned back there would be a conflict with Indonesia.

   You would think climate change was the greatest threat to the country, region and the world, and that it was already making our lives worse; on the bright side you would have faith that a carbon tax, emissions trading scheme or national energy guarantee would put an end to droughts, floods and bushfires while saving the Great Barrier Reef.

   You might be under the impression that our dams were dry and $12 billion of desalination plants were supplying us with water.

   There is a good chance you would be unaware of the US’s economic recovery but you would know the ins and outs of every crackpot allegation about Russian interference in American politics.

Some people, of course, happen to live on an island called Australia where they voluntarily absorb the ABC’s deceptions and rely on the rest of us to pay for them.

By the way, there once was a real-life example of a stranded island-dweller who depended solely upon the ABC for all of his news. Hiroo Onoda died in 2014:

   A Japanese soldier who refused to surrender after the Second World War ended and spent 29 years hiding in the jungle while continuing a guerilla war has died aged 91.

   Hiroo Onoda remained on an island in the Philippines until 1974 because he did not believe the war was over.

   He became the last Japanese soldier to surrender – but only after his former commander, who in 1945 had told him to stay behind and spy on American troops, was flown from Japan to order him to give up …

   The Philippine government pardoned Mr Onoda although many in Lubang never forgave him for the 30 people he killed during his campaign on the island.

Onoda at one point during his three decades in the jungle obtained a radio, which should have provided him with a few clues about the war’s outcome:

   For information, he would listen to a stolen shortwave radio.

Tragically, however, Onoda tuned into the one station guaranteed never to reveal any useful information at all:

   His favourite broadcast was ABC Radio Australia.
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Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC   Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC EmptyWed 26 Sep 2018, 8:35 am

Whatever will ScoMo do to expurgate the ABC ?

THE LUNATIC LEFT NOW RUNS THE ABC… so what else is new?
LARRY PICKERING Tue 25 Sep 2018 08:39:37 am/975 COMMENTS

Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC 51bde245b67940f9ebde63035f51d784

The headline, “GUTHRIE SACKED”, evoked initial sighs of relief across the nation that at last the Government had begun the long overdue ABC clean-out. But expectations were shattered when people like the far Left, John Faine, started applauding the move. Only then did it become even clearer that the lunatics were running the ABC asylum.

Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC 6044bec8edd1e4c8b4b152abe9199ebb53d44ad2

It is not Guthrie who needs to go, it is the entire ABC behemoth of banal bromides who believe they have a god-given right to fashion opinions.

After the Wentworth result ScoMo must move to either reform or inter this disgraceful organisation of wankers who fleece the public of more than a billion dollars each year.

The ABC passed its use-by date decades ago… there is no contemporary role for it today. There is nothing it can provide that is not already available on line. The digital age has killed it but it won’t lie down. It is now no more than a decomposing cadaver resisting interment.

Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC 971b48c4b10f6461b48331b5fc2b83a38d435da0

No modern nation will support a public broadcaster of this size and type, even the BBC is under threat as it too descends into a Left abyss of unwanted wastage, incompetence and excesses.

How can Australians be left to sleep in the streets and how can we watch drought-stricken farmers commit suicide while we pay a bunch of opining buggerwits billions to treat us like fools?

Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC B7c802cc4076a4b4757b53645c27af0ebc40ee83

Guthrie was embarrassed at her over one million dollar a year wage (including expenses). She agreed she was unqualified for a broadcasting job, but the number one ticket holder of “Friends Of The ABC”, Malcolm Turnbull, insisted on a first-time woman MD and an Asian woman to boot was perfection.

Lavish wages suck up half the ABC’s yearly budget and presenters and producers are now campaigning for an even bigger slice of the taxpayer paid for pie. They rebelled over Guthrie’s reluctance to insist on even greater Government budgetary largesse and she paid the price with an internal revolt.

Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC 0d873e46d7197b7d1b24717b54c8f8fec8cff0ef
Nice double salary

The Board doesn’t run the ABC, people like the hopeless lesbian, Fran Kelly and Tony Jones and his wife, Sarah Ferguson and John Faine, who are rejected by private enterprise, run it.

Now is the time for this ABC madness to stop, not because of its biases (it has never had an effect on people’s voting intentions because its already-committed audience is far too small) but because it is hopelessly dysfunctional and beyond reparation.

Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC 769c0e6b3bbe4d51d1afc3d9854e152365afa0ca

So, does ScoMo have the testicular fortitude to rid us of this behemothian beast? I think not! Little teary eyed kids bearing placards outside Parliament House saying, “Save our Pepper Pig” and “Don’t put our Bananas in Pyjamas to sleep”, are hard to resist.

Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC A1113a122b591180683bb8b63f323d91fcc4f4c9

Defunding it will be met with an organised avalanche of rage from Labor… why not, the ABC is a supporter of the gangrenous Greens, Labor unions and GetUp?

Sell it off? Equally difficult as it’s unsaleable. It has already helped to kill free-to-air and competes unfairly against cable TV. There aren’t enough advertisers to go around now that digital advertising has taken over.

The answer maybe to float it on the Stock Exchange and let the investing public decide its worth, thereby deflecting blame from the Government.

Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC C81383b35c13f58f4f106dbe0087ac860e54575f

The truth is it has no value without its more than a billion dollars yearly gift… it is an empty shell due for a garage sale of props.
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Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC   Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC EmptyMon 01 Oct 2018, 11:29 am

Quote :
ABC in crisis threatens Scott Morrison’s election hopes
Mark Day
    October 1, 2018

Our ABC is now a full-blown crisis for the Morrison government. It is headless, directionless and adrift in a stormy sea. It requires urgent rescue efforts before it becomes a dead weight on the Coalition in the coming election campaign.

The ABC cops plenty of criticism, even from those who love it. And that means around 80 per cent of us who, according to polling, trust and love old Aunty, despite her foibles.

It is not hard to imagine a Labor campaign accusing the Coalition of trying to meddle with the independence of the ABC having a similar impact to the Mediscare campaign that so nearly unseated the Turnbull government in 2016.

The NSW Young Liberals have already given Labor the trigger through its silly resolution calling on the government to sell the ABC.

In truth, this was never going to happen, but you don’t need truth to sustain a fear campaign in this era of fake news.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Communications Minister Mitch Fifield now need to act urgently to head off this crisis.

The first decision is whether or not to spill the entire ABC board. Given that the board members sat on their hands as they watched their former chairman Justin Milne arm-wrestle with former managing director Michelle Guthrie there is an argument that says they were complicit in untenable behaviour. Milne’s failure is their shared failure.

But there are dangers in this. Continuity and the preservation of corporate memory is important — doubly so when the chairman and the chief executive are missing.

Morrison and Fifield will have to consider other issues: the ABC is under scrutiny from three inquiries — a departmental investigation of the circumstances surrounding the demise of Michelle Guthrie, an efficiency review undertaken by former Foxtel boss Peter Tonagh and former media regulator Richard Bean, and a “competitive neutrality” inquiry looking at the ABC’s role in the digital landscape.

All have the capacity to change the direction of the broadcaster. The question facing the government is: do we press ahead and plug the holes at the top, or do we wait for reports that might materially influence future directions, requiring specific skills from a new chair or new board?

It appears Morrison and Fifield may have decided to keep the board, following the appointment of Kirsten Ferguson as acting chair. A new, permanent chair will need to be a person who can take charge and heal divisions. One credible name mentioned here is former High Court justice Michael Kirby, although at age 79 he may not want a five-year term.

The appointment of a chair must take place before a new managing director can be considered because it is the board, not the government, that makes that decision. Until there is a new boss, the ABC animals will be left in charge of the zoo.

Milne’s departure, and the possibility of a spill of the entire board, means that there will be a vacancy or vacancies on the board. In the past, these vacancies were filled on the basis of the old mates’ act, or jobs for the boys or girls, but under the Rudd government a new process was established — board appointments would go through a vetting process with merit-based recommendations made to government.

Unfortunately, this “hands off” approach can be ignored if ministers wish and most of the current board seem to be “captain’s picks”.

Whatever steps the government decides on, they must be transparent. The government will underestimate at its peril the public perception that it is Our ABC, particularly as the current Yours on-air community campaign drums into us that we own it — and we know we pay a billion bucks a year for it.

Milne’s decision to get rid of Guthrie was taken in secret. It is extraordinary that no leaks occurred during the months of behind-the-scenes unrest as Milne and Guthrie locked horns. Until Stephen Brook broke the story of the sacking all that had been written was Brook’s report in Media last week that relations between the pair were “frosty”.

I spoke to a number of ABC contacts for my column last week and there was not a hint from the workplace that things at the top were falling apart. I should have asked Milne. It would have been interesting to hear how he might have defended the one he was planning to sack the next day.

Milne’s lack of transparency was central to his departure. He told us when announcing the sacking of Guthrie that “it was not in the best interests of the ABC for her to continue”. That was a line that demanded further and better particulars.

Both sides were spinning their case. Milne won the first round, allowing speculation that Guthrie was not up to the job.

Guthrie hit back with the leaking of the emails that brought Milne down. Milne insisted the pressure he applied to have economics correspondent Emma Alberici and political correspondent Andrew Probyn sacked was not the result of a political directive.

He said nobody told him to fire anyone — but left open the obvious inference that discussions with his friend, former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull had led him to the conclusion that Turnbull would be happy with them out of the way. It was a botched job all around.

The immediate job is to restore the ABC’s management structures. But beyond that the new chair and new managing director will face the same problems that Milne and Guthrie failed to address: the biases and lax editorial standards evident in the ABC newsrooms.

There has been a chorus of complaint about the commercialisation of its news services. These include irritating grammatical failures from untrained and unknowing reporters, meaningless live crosses, unwarranted commentary, lapses in credibility and bizarre story selection for news leads.

News standards have been condemned by the likes of Paul Keating, John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull, Chris Mitchell, Chris Kenny — et Moi — yet the only change in recent years has been for the worse
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Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC   Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC EmptyMon 01 Oct 2018, 2:27 pm

The ABC is still asking Turncoat for his "opinion" it would seem.

I wish he would shut up!

I presume that Morrison is not about to do "anything" about the ABC until after the Wentworth by election, if then.

However, Sky News was saying that Labor are "backing" whatshername, the Independent, even though the ALP do have a candidate. They just don't want the Liberals to win.

Isn't Wentworth full of the so-called "doctor's wives" who are mostly Champagne Lefties, and not conservatives at all?

When my husband and I moved to Sydney from Melbourne, we lived in Woollahra but as far as I recall, we didn't live there during an Election, plus I was young and didn't have a clue about politics (some say I still don't). We moved from Brighton in Victoria, which was always as Blue Ribbon Liberal Party seat (originally Balaclava now Goldstein). I had to Google that. Laughing
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Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC   Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC Empty

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Mrs Guthrie leaves the ABC
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