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 TEN-YEAR FORWARD ESTIMATES? ... there's a good reason for that

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TEN-YEAR FORWARD ESTIMATES? ... there's a good reason for that Empty
PostSubject: TEN-YEAR FORWARD ESTIMATES? ... there's a good reason for that   TEN-YEAR FORWARD ESTIMATES? ... there's a good reason for that EmptyFri 21 Sep 2018, 12:00 pm

Ms Plibersek is furious that independent and Catholic schools are copping a fair deal now that the useless Simon Birmingham has been shown the door from education to one marked “Harmless Tourism” with accompanying lei. But education is education and God knows we are behind on all fronts with only Catholic and Independent schools, without gender studies, showing signs of progress.

Yet Plibersek and Shorten are screaming that more billions must be plunged into public schools because, um, because, let me think… could it be that Public schooling has, along with the health sector, the highest concentration of unionism in the country?

The thousands of millions invested in education have not increased the quality of our kids’ education but have certainly increased the health of unions’ bank books.

ScoMo, who seems to be doing sort of okay so far, has adopted Julia Gillard’s tactic, as PM, of stretching four-year forward estimates out to ten years and beyond. The reason? Simple. Any necessary diminution or change in budgeting over a decade, as there always is, can then be classed as a “cut” by the heartless incoming Coalition. Hmmm, Julia Gillard knew she was about to lose government.

Do these decade-long forward estimates of ScoMo indicate he now expects Shorten to be in The Lodge next year and he wants to return the favour the Coalition has suffered from Labor since 2013?

“Cuts, cuts, cuts… unfair cuts” has been a common criticism thrown across the floor for the past five years, and it has been poorly combatted by successive Coalition PMs.

It seems both Parties will play the decades-long forward estimates game from now on because it dovetails well with “unfairness”. And the “unfair” tag has worked brilliantly for Labor despite the "allocated" sums never having been budgeted for.

Don’t underestimate ScoMo, he’s no mug. He will not be following Paris into the valley of economic death devoid of coal. But the doubters will have to wait until after the Wentworth by-election for a clearer picture of what he intends.

There are no doubts about that scumbag Turnbull as he will soon have to explain, as a private citizen, the inexplicable half billion he handed to a dodgy little Barrier Reef mob that asked for only 5 million.

There’s something real fishy on the Reef.
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TEN-YEAR FORWARD ESTIMATES? ... there's a good reason for that
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