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 More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor

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PostSubject: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   Wed 10 Oct 2018, 12:03 pm

More election losing Unfunded SCAMS from the sinking fast Labor shemozzle.

Labor pledges thousands of extra teachers in $14 billion plan
AAP Updated 4 hours ago

Puffing Billy blows the "LABOR FUDGET" out the door.

Bill Shorten says Labor's $14 billion education plan will fund more than 13,000 extra teachers.

Labor leader Bill Shorten is promising to employ thousands of extra teachers at public schools if he wins the next election.

Thousands of extra teachers will be employed in Australia's public schools as part of a $14 billion, 10-year education plan if Labor wins the next election.

Bill Shorten says the promise will fund more than 13,000 extra teachers or 23,000 teachers aides, in the biggest investment in public schools in Australian history.

The promise comes after the coalition government stitched up a funding deal for Catholic and independent schools, which felt changes to funding models had left some of them worse off.

Labor had already promised extra funding for Catholic schools, and is now detailing what it will give to public education, with $3.3 billion flowing in the three years after the election.

"What matters to me and Labor is handing on a better deal to the next generation," Mr Shorten said on Wednesday.

"That's why I'm passionate about building an education system that gives every child in every school the best chance at life."

As a condition of the funding, a Labor government would require state governments to invest strongly in schools and sign up to a national plan to improve them.

"Public schools teach two in three of all school students, and the overwhelming majority of Australia's neediest children," Mr Shorten said.

That includes 82 per cent of the poorest children, 84 per cent of indigenous children, and 74 per cent of children with disabilities.

It comes after Labor pledged $1.75 billion to early childhood education

Labor says the extra money will ensure public schools can give students more individual attention, and more help with the basics such as reading, writing, maths, and science.

The coalition government recently announced a $4.6 billion deal with Catholic and independent schools to give them extra funding, but it frustrated state governments who felt they were being short-changed.

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan has said record funding is going into education, and he is negotiating with states "in good faith".

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has said the states would need $7 billion extra each year to catch up to the deal offered to Catholic and independent schools.
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PostSubject: Re: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   Wed 10 Oct 2018, 1:32 pm

We've been tossing money at education like its going out of season for years thanks to Gonski and yet the results have shown more money does not provide better education results.
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PostSubject: Re: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   Wed 10 Oct 2018, 3:23 pm

And Oh the Labor shame continues unabated with barely disguised Socialist indoctrination of our little kiddies to pursue the FABIAN Socialists long term objective of DUMBING DOWN AUSTRALIA.

Labor’s ‘Big Daddy’ $1.7 billion unfunded kids indoctrination program
OCTOBER 05, 2018

Socialists don't want kiddies to be able to think for themselves because they want dumbed down Sheeple

Labor’s plan to use $1.7 billion per year of borrowed money to expand the scope, size and reach of government to three-year-olds is fiscally irresponsible and further diminishes parental choice, according to the Conservative Party.

Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said Labor was prepared to run up more debt to financially incentivise parents to put their children in the care of the state.

“Many parents will be wary of this given Labor’s enthusiasm for programs like Respectful Relationships which teach children their gender is fluid and discourage boys from playing with trucks and toy guns,” Mr Shelton said.

In what is sure to be an orchestrated move, the socially radical Andrews’ Victorian Labor government today announced it would pump $5 billion into pre-school funding for every three-year-old.

“With interest payments on federal government debt running at $17 billion a year, Labor seems unconcerned about racking up more on the nation’s credit card so it can influence children at even earlier ages,” Mr Shelton said.

“Like Victorian Labor, it is unconcerned about the obvious flow-on costs to the States which administer pre-schools. Labor wants to be able to indoctrinate young children in radical gender theory whatever the cost. Bill Shorten has pitched this as a way to ‘help with the cost of living’ but there is nothing to ease the cost of living for single income families who wish to make the choice to care for their three-year-olds by looking after them at home," he said.

“That is a choice which protects children from big government’s gender indoctrination. Neither of the major parties are doing anything to level the playing field for single income families. Many families want the option of avoiding the rat race of having both parents working while their children are small and they want to protect their children from gender theory," Mr Shelton continued.

“Parents will be rightly worried about their three-year-olds being read story books like the Gender Fairy, which says ‘only you can know if you are a boy or a girl, no one can tell you’,” Mr Shelton said many parents believed they could do a better job than the state in caring for their three-year-olds but were tired of being financially disadvantaged by the government for making this choice.
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PostSubject: Re: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   Wed 10 Oct 2018, 3:59 pm

As I said elsewhere. Health and Education (Hospitals and State Schools) are the responsibility of the STATE Governments.

The Commonwealth ALP KNOWS this but it always persists in pretending that a vote for the ALP will help and stoopidos believe them.

Dopey Leftards.
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PostSubject: Re: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   Mon 15 Oct 2018, 4:38 pm

Bulldust Shorty threatens a whole tsunami of unfunded bulldust promises.

How will he ever fund all this bulldust unfunded dog's breakfast ?

Bill Shorten reveals Labor's election policies as Morrison hits back
Gareth Hutchens with AAP Sun 7 Oct 2018 16.47 AEDT Last modified on Tue 9 Oct 2018 15.49 AEDT

Labor leader’s manifesto focuses on health, education and cost of living but PM says it would lead to higher taxes.

Bulldust Billy - sheer inspiration to leave the room

Bill Shorten says Labor will unfreeze Medicare, deliver funding for every public school based on need and cap rises in private health insurance premiums.

Bill Shorten has unveiled Labor’s election manifesto in a five-point policy agenda focusing on health, education and the cost of living.

He says his “fair go action plan” could take Australia into the next decade, if Labor is elected.

However, the prime minister, Scott Morrison, dismissed Shorten’s policy agenda on Sunday, saying it would only amount to higher taxes.

In a major speech in western Sydney on Sunday, with his senior Labor colleagues sitting behind him, Shorten told an audience of the party faithful that Labor was taking nothing for granted ahead of next year’s election.

He said that, if Labor won government, it would have to restore voters’ faith in democracy and demonstrate that politicians could still put the national interest ahead of their own.

“The reason I want to be prime minister is because I want Australia to hand on a better deal to the next generation than the one we received from our parents,” he said. “This to me is the essence of the fair go.”

He said his five-point plan provided the foundation of Labor’s policy goals, with a focus on fixing schools and hospitals, standing up for workers, relieving pressure on family budgets, ensuring a strong economy and investing in cleaner energy.

On health, he said Labor would unfreeze Medicare, make record investments in mental health, invest in more hospital beds and staff, and invest in new urgent care clinics to relieve pressure on emergency departments.

“If I’m elected prime minister … I promise Australia that it will always be your Medicare card, not your credit card, that guarantees you access to quality health in this country,” he said.

On education, he said Labor would deliver fair funding for every public school in the country, based on need. It would put Tafe back at the centre of vocational education, renovating Tafe campuses around the country and waiving upfront fees for 100,000 Tafe places in its first-term in government. It would also uncap university places and from 2021 make preschool and kindergarten available to every three-year-old for 15 hours a week, 600 hours a year.

On the family budget, Labor would cap rises in private health insurance premiums at no more than 2% for its first two years of government. It would “invest in renewables to bring the price of power down”. And it would try to get wages growing again through industrial relations policy.

“In our first 100 days of government, we will restore the Sunday and public holiday penalty rates of 700,000 working Australians,” he said. “We’re going to put the bargain back into bargaining, so employees and employers can sit down and negotiate without the unfair threat of termination of the existing agreement hanging over every conversation.

“We’re going to crack down on firms exploiting labour hire: because if you work in the same place, wear the same uniform, perform the same tasks with the same skill, then regardless of the legal identity of the employer, if you do the same job, you get the same pay. Under Labor, this will be the law.”

Shorten said Labor would also stop sham contracting by introducing a new, stronger test for the definition of “casual employment”.

“If you’re working fulltime hours, you shouldn’t be classed as a ‘casual’ just because your boss doesn’t want to give you sick leave,” he said.

He also said Australia needed a new approach for the equal treatment of female workers, with higher wages for jobs overwhelmingly performed by women: aged-care workers, early childhood educators and paid carers.

He also wants women to retire with stronger savings in superannuation.

“It is why, if we’re in government, we’re going to change the law, so that if you take parental leave your superannuation contributions don’t stop,” he said. “It’s a down payment on equality for women.”

Morrison attacked Shorten’s policy agenda on Sunday, saying it would lead to higher taxes.

“I’ll tell you what Bill Shorten’s 5-point plan is: more tax, more tax, more tax, more tax, more tax,” Morrison said. “That’s Bill Shorten’s plan. More tax doesn’t grow the economy. More tax, when you don’t grow the economy, doesn’t guarantee Medicare or hospitals or schools. All it means is more tax dragging the economy down. Taking more of what Australians earn.”

Morrison also criticised Shorten’s strong support for the union movement, saying Shorten was backing people to make the rules “who are quite happy to break the rules”.

On Sunday, the ACTU joined global rallies celebrating the World Day for Decent Work.
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PostSubject: Re: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   Mon 15 Oct 2018, 5:02 pm

Promises, promises. Labor does it before every Election. YAWN!

Quote :
“The reason I want to be prime minister is because I want Australia to hand on a better deal to the next generation than the one we received from our parents,” he said. “This to me is the essence of the fair go.”

Sure Bill. This bloke is pathetic. Fair Go indeed. yawn
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PostSubject: Re: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   Mon 15 Oct 2018, 5:21 pm

And even more stillborn unfunded bulldust promises from lying Labor.

Labor pledges $5 million to reducing the nation's stillbirth rate

The federal opposition is committing $5 million dollars to reducing Australia's stillbirth rate, should labor win the next election.

Six children are stillborn in Australia every day.

Labor says it will focus on research, educating pregnant women and developing a real-time pregnancy monitoring app.

Prime Minister Scott Morison says the Coalition will assess the plan.

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PostSubject: Re: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   Mon 15 Oct 2018, 6:58 pm

Quote :
Six children are stillborn in Australia every day.

I doubt that.
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PostSubject: Re: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   Tue 16 Oct 2018, 2:16 pm

Even Sri Lanka gasps at the unfunded absurdity of lying Labor's unfunded bulldust promises.

Australian Labor Party Action Plan and takeaways for Sri Lanka
Tuesday, 16 October 2018 00:00

ALP liability Bill Shorten begging the unions not to kick him out

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) launched its Fair Go Action Plan recently, highlighting the following eight points:

To get the government and the economy working for the people.
To put people first.
To get country’s priorities back.
To fix schools and hospitals.
To ease pressure on family budgets.
To stand up for workers.
To invest in cheaper, cleaner energy.
To build a strong economy that works for all.

The first three points above are rather preambular, the last five being the main components of the action plan. There is a strong feeling in the ranks of the ALP, that the system of government and particularly the economy have and are moving away from the people. This could be a general contradiction of any democracy based on capitalism, including Sri Lanka. Whether this is the feeling of the people at large is yet to be seen at the next federal elections to be held next year, if not earlier.

There is also a strong feeling that the priorities of the country, as a prominent welfare state, has become distorted, if not completely abandoned. That is one reason why the ALP program has given first priority to fixing schools and hospitals.

Strengthening schools, TAFE and universities

Education and health undoubtedly take priority in a welfare state or in a democracy of any meaningful sense. If an elected government does not care for those primary needs of the people, then the meaning of democracy is at least downgraded. Investing in education is also an investment in the economy.

ALP says: “We want all children get a quality school education that nurtures their individual talents and prepares them for the future.” This can be a guideline for any country, not merely Australia. There is a need to review the school education again and again, in order to see whether it serves the children as well as the country properly.

It is the argument of the ALP that this priority has recently been neglected due to political and misplaced economic priorities. Therefore the ‘Fair Go’ intends to expand funding for schools to give more teachers and resources to strengthen the school education. It also proposes, for the first time, two-year preschool education to all children through the public school system. At present, this is available in some states and not all.

The education plan does not stop at schools. ALP intends to rejuvenate the TAFE system (Technical and Further Education), one time admiration of many countries, however neglected in recent times due to misplaced priorities. Injection of new funding, waving of upfront fees, and institutional upgrading are the proposed actions. University education would be expanded targeting 200,000 more graduates during the next decade.   

Quality health and public hospitals

ALP intends to strengthen the public health care system which has encountered funding cuts during the Liberal period. Investing in more beds, doctors and nurses are the remedy proposed, not the misplaced optimisation.

Australia’s public health care system is still one of the best in the world. However it has encountered certain funding cuts and, as a result, the patients have to wait in long queues for elective surgery and long hours at emergency departments. Dental care has become curtailed and restricted.

The symbol of the Australian health care system is the Medicare card introduced by Bob Hawke (ALP) in 1984 to ensure a universal healthcare system. However, under the Liberals, the system has become restricted and the patients have to pay certain out of pocket expenses. ALP’s Fair Go plan intends to fix many of these problems, if not all. A particular attention would be placed on regional health facilities. 

Easing pressure on family budgets

Australia is primarily a country of working people, who not only work in mines, large industries and state institutions, but also self-employed and running their own small businesses (i.e. hairdressers, retailers, cleaners, dry cleaners, etc.). There is no shame in labour, and it is the pride of the country.

As a developed country of over $ 55,000 GDP per capita income, Australia has a large middle class in knowledge related occupations and professions. Yet, family budgets are stringent having to pay higher taxes in lieu of welfare services particularly for their children and old age. In this sense, Australia is similar to many Scandinavian countries.

ALP action plan particularly intends to ease the family budgets of the working people. The proposed tax break is over $1,000 per year. When shop and hospitality workers work on Sundays and holidays they were previously paid penalty rates that the Liberals have limited them in recent times. ALP promises to restore them benefitting over 700,000 workers.

Peruse the gasp making rest here
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PostSubject: Re: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   Tue 16 Oct 2018, 2:56 pm

The ALP love buzzwords. yawn
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PostSubject: Re: More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor   

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More UNFUNDED SCAMS from lying Labor
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